Saving Money and Hassle on a Long Distance Move
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Saving Money and Hassle on a Long Distance Move
Author: Furniture Removal Companies   Posted: 05 June 2013


Many people find moving house traumatic, or at the least cumbersome. There's so much to arrange and so much to pack. The further away you move, the more carefully you should plan in order to avoid transportation complications and save money on the move. Here are some things to consider before you book your long distance furniture removal.

Be Clear on Dates First

Double-check the dates when the previous occupants will be leaving the new house. It is imperative to get your furniture to the new house on the right date, when the home is available to you. Book the delivery date accordingly. A wrong delivery date could cost you extra in terms of furniture removal, transport and alternative accommodation costs.

Drop the Baggage

We tend to hoard things, particularly if we have lived in a home for a long time. Now is the time to declutter. Consider where you are moving to:

  • Is it warmer? Then sell or give away most of your warm clothes and snow-boots.
  • No longer a beach where you're moving? Leave the surf boards behind.
  • Will you be pursuing an old hobby that takes up a lot of space? Donate it to a school or community project.
  • Moving to a much smaller house? Get rid of all the excess furniture.

Be Honest With the Furniture Removals Company

There is a common notion that when requesting a quote from a furniture removals company, you should under- rather than over-estimate your move. You might think that perhaps if your move is a few boxes larger than you started, you'll save a few bucks.

However, removals companies use your estimate to procure a suitable truck, which may be too small for your actual move. This will cost you more money.

Exact information can ensure a smooth long distance move. The more prepared you and your furniture removal company are, the better the planning and execution of the move. With the right information, they can ensure that they bring the right sized truck, enough staff and the right tools.

Here are some of the things you should be honest and clear about with your furniture removals company:

  1. The size of your load
  2. Complicated entrances, steep driveways, height-restricted complexes, etc.
  3. Dates and times.
  4. Particularly heavy or precious items such as pianos, garage equipment or cars. Some of these items will have to be moved on a flatbed.
  5. Pets - some companies offer pet removals, by special arrangement.



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