Optimize Your Move By Appointing the Best Team
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Optimize Your Move By Appointing the Best Team
Author: Furniture Removal Companies   Posted: 29 May 2013


Planning an office move can be complicated, but with a reputable office removals contractor and a formidable in-house moving team, you're on the right track. As a business-owner you might be too bogged down in meetings, travel and negotiations to spend too much time on certain tasks that relate to your move. However, if you know your employees well, you can set up a competent team to handle every aspect of the move on your behalf.

Choosing an Office Move Team Leader

Appoint one of the senior managers or even a director as the team leader for Project Move. Moving an office is a great responsibility, especially for the person in charge, so make sure he or she has the free time available to handle this project. The team leader should also have the authority to make decisions on behalf of the company and be a good communicator, organiser and budget manager.

Appointing the Property Team

The property team, consisting of a commercial property agent and a solicitor will usually be contracted from outside of the office. The agent should be a reputable agent who is able to negotiate favorable financial terms for the new property on your behalf. The solicitor should be consulted before you sign any contracts that might expose you to liabilities.

A well-appointed and well-designed office is the cornerstone of a productive workforce and a favorable reputation with suppliers and clients who visit it. Find a company who understands your requirements and can deliver a suitable office environment according to your budget.

Hiring the Office Removals Company

It's essential to hire a professional office removals company. They will ensure that your office is relocated safely, quickly and efficiently, which will minimize business downtime and interruptions.

In-House Arrangements for the Office Move

IT Team:  Ensure that IT and telecoms services and connections are optimized to offer as much continuity as possible during the move.

HR Team:  The HR department has to ensure that the move is as unsettling as possible for employees. They will have to ensure that the company's commitments and workload is not affected by the move.

Sales & Marketing Team: Use the move as a positive opportunity to maximize the image of the company and its unique brand.

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